Permanent Jewelry FAQ

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a type of jewelry that you can’t take on or off because it doesn’t have a clasp. The intention of permanent jewelry is to be worn forever as an everyday piece of jewelry that lives on you as long as you’d like. 


What is the process to get Permanent Jewelry?

Acquiring permanent jewelry is painless. The type of welding it requires is safe & can be done comfortably within the home or a public place. Our trained welders provide customers with a protective layer to cover their skin & optional safety sunglasses. 

How do I take off my Permanent Jewelry?

To remove your permanent jewelry, we recommend using nail clippers, wire cutters, or strong scissors to break the weld. We encourage you to locate the jump ring where it was originally welded & clip it there, making the reattachment process simple if you decide you want to put it back on later. The small ring should break easily with a sharp tool. Don’t forget to keep your chain in a safe place!


Is it comfortable to sleep in my Permanent Jewelry?

Welded jewelry is perfectly comfortable to sleep in. It is so lightweight & comfortable, you may not even notice it!